No sensible solution in sight after criticism from expert panel

"Perhaps the best thing to do is to scrap this delegated act. After the report of the expert panel, I can hardly see any possibilities to come to a sensible provision", said the environmental spokesman of the largest group in the European Parliament (EPP, Christian Democrats) Dr. Peter Liese on the occasion of the presentation of an expert report on the delegated act.

"In the European Parliament, the rejection of the delegated act on taxonomy is growing across the political groups. There are different reasons among the colleagues. From my point of view, especially the rules for nuclear energy are unacceptable. Not only the construction of new nuclear power plants, but also the retrofitting of old nuclear power plants (including those of Russian design) are to be classified as sustainable transition technology. Like many other colleagues, I consider this unacceptable. Moreover, I do not think it is right to call something a transitional technology when it is so far in the future.

The Commission's proposal stipulates that building rights for new nuclear power plants (conventional design) do not have to be in place until 2045 and that no solution for the disposal of nuclear waste has to be found until 2050. I cannot support these proposals. I increasingly believe that the financial investors do not need this taxonomy and that the market will regulate the problem itself. Those who want to invest in green technologies will not invest in nuclear energy. That is why the idea, which, by the way, was adopted against the majority of the European Parliament and only under pressure from the Member States, was a bad idea from the beginning," said environmental politician Liese.