This decision is right and long overdue / Unfortunately, vaccination protection is on the wane / Boosting is the order of the day, also because of Omikron

"This decision is right and long overdue. I will recommend my group to accept the proposal as quick as possible," said the health spokesperson of the largest group in the European Parliament (EPP, Christian Democrats), Dr. med. Peter Liese, commenting on the European Commission's proposal for a delegated act, which includes limiting the validity of the Covid-19 certificate to nine months as of February.

“Unfortunately, we see that the protection of the vaccination decreases significantly after a few months. Basically, we can say that protection against Covid-19 is only really good after the third vaccination. That is why the certificate has to be adapted. I had advocated such a solution to the European Commission in advance," said the doctor and MEP.

“We know that persons who received a booster shot, are significantly better protected against Delta and also, albeit weakened, against Omikron. Above all, it can be assumed that severe courses after the booster vaccination are very, very rare. That is why boosting is this important now and the adjustment of the certificate can help motivate people who were previously unsure to get the booster vaccination," states Liese.